Bole, Port -Harcourt delicacy!!!

Bole, Port -Harcourt delicacy!!! September 27, 2017Leave a comment
Bole and Fish on a plate

I came into Port-Harcourt some few years back and one thing I was looking forward to was having a taste of this wonderful cuisine I have heard so much about. I remember the look I got from friends faces when I tell them what I know is simply bole and groundnut, (courtesy of my mum who used to buy it for me) “which one be bole and fish again I usually would ask?” I did this until it finally stuck in my head that there’s actually a dish called bole and fish in the southern part of the country (Bayelsa, a bit of Warri etc) … When it did, I anticipated, I imagined and fantasized different scenarios of what it would be like to have a taste of it.

Generally, I love plantain. In my teenage age, I would come back from school, take off my uniform and accessories, probably not have my bath, head straight to the kitchen and have 3 to 4 of (what do you even call the individual ones from the bunch again?) them fried. I would pace around the house contemplating if I should wait for everything to be fried before I start eating or I should go ahead and have a taste while at it or, I might just drift into thoughts of how my day was at school, occasionally bumping in on what I learned during that day… When all the sets are fried, (may also include the necessary sauce,) I would take it to the living room, tune in to my favorite TV show, seat crossed leg and dip my hands in the plate making sure I picked them out one by one while I savored every bit of it in my mouth and down my throat. I bet that those things in chocolates that make you shut your eyes and imagine everything beautiful while you munch on it is found in plantain…

What haven’t I done with plantain? I have made chips out of plantain, I have made triangle shape, mmmhmm, circle shape, eating it in a hurry, clothed, naked… you just go ahead and name what you possibly would have done with plantain well, except of course… smiling.

In fact, I think that should explain the out-breaks of acne across my forehead to the extent my mum was worried. My forehead was like white sand mixed with water and splattered on my forehead, so you can imagine…

Now you see, I and plantain have come a long way, having it cooked or fried was having a favorite meal, with bole and groundnut was a treat, but having it with bole and fish with the Port-Harcourt sauce is climax, bliss, peace and every other word you can use in describing an amazing experience.

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