FEAR. defines fear as a “distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid.”

Overtime, people have had different concept about the word called FEAR.’  If you ask me, does FEAR exist? I would say YES, was it manufactured by man? I will still answer in the affirmative.

Ordinarily FEAR, ought not to be in existence but the circumstances and bad experiences of MAN has made this concept ‘FEAR’ become a reality.

Most of the time, before one would indulge in any venture, this thing called FEAR will bring out its monstrous head, making one doubt their decisions to venture, probably because they FEAR that things will go south.

If you ask me, is FEAR okay? I would answer in the affirmative but it becomes very bad when it immobilises you from taking some actions/decisions that will determine your God given destiny.

If you are afraid of something and take precautions before venturing into it, in my opinion, it isn’t bad. That’s what people call ‘ calculated risk taking.’  It becomes bad when it prevents you from taking major decisions that will affect your life.

If FEAR tends to prevent you from taking any decision in life, this on its own is also a decision you have made indirectly. A decision not taken as a result of fear is also a decision taken already.

The truth is that, if you venture into anything that your subconscious tells you to do, with persistence and positive actions, you will succeed. You can’t fail if you don’t relent.  Someday, some way you will figure a way out. Just keep trying.

Fear is defined somewhere as “false evidence appearing real.” That is to say FEAR is just a fake expression that seems real but not real.

The people that make it in life are people who sometimes acknowledge fear but have boldly refused it from immobilizing them. They still venture into what they truly want for themselves even in the mist of oppositions, fears and uncertainties. Some people are high risk takers while others are low risk takers. But some don’t even take any risk at all because of the fear of failure. If you take a critical analysis of people who have succeeded in their field of endeavors, you will notice that they have similar characteristics, and that is, taking big risk.

George Bruno once said that ‘FEAR does not exist. The only fear that exist is the fear of Sound. Every other fear was learned or was developed as an experience over time.’ By that he meant, a new born baby who has not gotten any experience of life could only react to a noisy sound but could venture into anything because he or she hasn’t seen or observed any negative experience of life to make him or her to be afraid or scared. That is why a baby would put their hands in a candle flame innocently… But once the baby has the negative experience of the candle fire, he wouldn’t want to put his hands again.

The Bible also says ‘ God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power and love and sound mind.’ In essence, the word FEAR ordinarily should not exist. It is only a figment of our imagination which could also be eradicated from our subconscious nature.

In the Bible, there are thousands of pages which emphasis the word ‘FEAR NOT’.

Come to think of it. What are we really afraid of?  You either win or you lose. But the good thing is that, perhaps you fail, you now have a better life experience to do it the right way the next time. Trust me, you will succeed if you faint not.

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