Just do it

People that have found bliss in their chosen endeavour are people who do not wait for the right circumstances to take chances or actions. They do not wait for the storm to settle down before taking steps… They JUST DO IT without waiting for the supposedly right time or right circumstances… Show me a successful person and I will point out certain risk or actions he/she has taken overtime.

The truth about life is that, the right time can hardly come. If you keep waiting for the right time to take actions that pertains to your destiny, you might wait forever.

If you take a bold step to certain decisions that tilts towards your passion and vision, the universe will guide you. Some people call it the vital force or the idle giant that has slumbered for a while suddenly waking up and directing you.

We all have VITAL FORCES. This vital force can only be activated when you JUST DO IT.  The vital force which the Christians call GOD will quickly come to your aid and direct you.

This VITAL FORCE is the force that is triggered when certain actions are being taken.

Your duty is just to take the actions and when the vital force/GOD sees your passion and commitment level, close doors will naturally open.

Let’s JUST DO IT and you will see the universe open doors on its own accord.

JUST DO IT……doors are there to be opened and it can only be opened if you JUST DO IT.

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