Moan and Groan.

It is so sad that a lot of people are moaning and groaning about their present conditions in life.  They complain about their job, their education, their contrary addictions and even their relationships…

If you ask me, I would say; you either do something about what you see as contrary and a dissatisfaction by taking pragmatic positive actions in changing the situation rather than moan and groan.

If you feel you are not well educated and you seem to be lacking in certain areas of your life, you enrol yourself into some academic training rather than moaning and groaning. If your job is no more giving you what you want, it is a signal that your timing for that job is over. You either resign and do something you have a passion for or you stay put rather than moan and groan.

One truth about life is that if you are not doing what you have a passion for, you are indirectly committing spiritual suicide. If you are not getting the best out of your relationship, you either change it or you adjust to that condition and stop moaning and groaning.

You are meant to enjoy life to the fullest. Life is too short to moan and groan about your dissatisfactions. If you moan and groan about certain conditions of your life and you refuse to do something about it, it means it doesn’t hurt enough.

If you are addicted to a certain anomaly in your life. You need to come out from that addiction in a pragmatic way or better still, seek for help. No need to moan and groan.

Whenever, you find yourself in any contrary condition.  The question you should ask is “do I like this condition?” If no, you have every right to change that situation.

Stop  moaning and groaning, do something about it.

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