Overview for going to study in Canada.

Overview for going to study in Canada. September 24, 2017Leave a comment
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These points act as a guide for those interested in going to Canada for studies.

1. Firstly, you would want to consider if your CGPA would qualify you to go for a masters program (usually most universities in Canada have the bench mark of a 3.5CGPA and above for a master’s program) If your CGPA is not up to that required for a masters, you can go for a post graduate diploma or graduate certificate program which is cheaper in cost terms.

2. It is ideal that you know the course you are interested in going for, but if you don’t, you would have to do some research. You could conduct the research based on the courses the universities offer and their requirements. Click here to access a list of universities and colleges in Canada.

3. When you are certain about the course you are interested in studying and you see you meet their requirements, you go ahead and apply. Note that you pay an application fee for processing (this is dependent on the institution and the course of study).

4. After you apply, you wait for feedback. Usually if you are going for a masters program that involves research, you ought to write to a supervisor in that field detailing what the topic of your thesis is going to be all about and then wait for his response to see if they accept to be your supervisor before you submit your application as their acceptance will go alongside the application.

5. If your application to undertake a program with the institution is accepted, then you go ahead to process a study permit. This is going to be required for entry into Canada and one of the documents to be submitted is your letter of acceptance by the institution.

It is advisable to process your study permit about 5 months before the proposed resumption date. Next time I will be talking about the requirements and how to go about getting a study permit to get into Canada for studies. If you have any questions regarding this topic you can reach us on hello@dellensblog.com and we would be glad to give you answers at our disposal.

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