Saving Culture.

Saving Culture. August 19, 20171 Comment
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Saving is a projection of the human attribute towards uncertainties.

In the oldies, our fathers usually set aside some of their farm produce to enable them reinvest during the next planting season. By this singular act, they have conjuncture into the seemingly unknown and unseen future.

In the contemporary days, people have emulated this attribute of the old thereby; planning and preparing for their future so as to avert any negative situation embed in their future wellbeing.

The rational man will always project and conjecture as he proceeds towards development and sustenance for the future. These are done for self enhancement and sometimes, for retirement purposes.

5 right steps to savings culture:

  1. Never save the remains of your salary. Always, keep aside some portion of your salary before spending the rest. In essence, the moment you get your pay check ,always pay yourself first by keeping 10 or 20% of the amount to somewhere out of reach. That is, after paying your tithe. It takes a lot of determination and discipline to achieve this. If its a bank account, avoid having an ATM card for that account where the saving is kept. The reason is to avoid easy access to the account leading to unnecessary spending of the saved amount.
  2. Only purchase what you need and not what you want. Some of our wants are not necessary needed. Anything you can do without is not necessary for you. You have to set your priority right in that regards.
  3. Impromptu buying should be totally eradicated in your subconscious mind. Most people are victims of impromptu buying habit. They want to buy everything and anything they see. The effect of this is that, they won’t be able to save.
  4. Avoid window shopping if you have a tight budget to accomplish with. Some of the window shopping we unconsciously embark up on sometimes triggers the spending habit in us.
  5. Be moderate with your style of living. Avoid ostentatious life style. You are not in competition with anybody.

If you’ve had a hard time saving in the past, try consciously adopting the steps listed and see if it works for you.






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