Something New

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For a lot of us, life ultimately is a journey of deadening parts of ourselves in order to become​ people we barely recognize. We spend our lives chasing ideals and images of who we should be that we forget who we are.

It’s much harder to correct faulty courses taken than it is to make the initial decision to head in a specific direction. Once taken, there is a sense that we have to prove that decision right, and the farther we head down that path, the more momentum pushes us thereto.

Thus, even when the signs are evident of a need for change, it requires a rare, strong knowledge of self, to be able to say “That’s enough. I made the wrong decision and I can make another, better one now.” These course corrections are important if we are to head closer to our true selves. There is a mean about which we oscillate; the closer to that we are, the more at peace we are.

In the end, life becomes a circle of losing and finding ourselves. And as we stretch the breadth of our experiences, every time we find ourselves again, we find something new.

– This article was  written by Chidozie Akakuru and was first published on Medium

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