Road to Redemption

Rick Ross said “regardless of how it goes down, life goes on.” So here we are, you and I on this very page reading this very line. If you decide to stop fighting you will keep slipping until you are no more in existence. Then what would have been the essence of your being here in the first place?

We all have different ways we perceive life, common, 7 Billion people in the world and counting, what were you thinking?

The beauty in all this is in our diversity. But just like the sun will continue to rise form the east and set in the west, so are there certain life principles that yield certain results. For example: The energy you give is the energy you receive, if you decide to see it as dull, then you create the atmosphere of dullness but if you can see yourself going through the rubble and dusting off all that dullness to create a sparkle then you should know you carry enough energy to cause fireworks.

Every day we make choices, consciously and unconsciously, from relatively inconsequential decisions like determining the clothes we would put on for the day, to making life changing decision, like who we are going to end up with. It is most important that those decisions we term as important are done with our full senses alert to them, also give yourself a little break as there’s only so much we can do, but still do not settle for less.

We are on a journey, with every other person’s own belief about their destination, two notable points that are characteristics to everyone though is birth and death, and in both we all seem to seek a form of fulfillment borne out of our innate desires. The question then remains how do you feel?

For me, if I am not Creating, I feel awful so what do I do, I simply decide to make decisions that would make me create. Sometimes those decisions are painful and difficult but remember at the end of the day, how you feel is most important. So, I begin the struggle, sometimes it could be with simple things such as getting out of bed, to tiding it, even making a good meal that would give me nutrition to do the task ahead. Sometimes I get fed-up and decide that I won’t push any longer but sooner I realize that is even worse off. So, I have made this decision to try and always feel motivated as that’s the only way I have enough steam to complete the tasks ahead of me.

Cheers to those who decided to stay in the battle and fight to finish, it takes courage to go through all of that and still keep your head high like it didn’t feel like you were struck by lightning. Remember no guts, no glory.

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